Cash Prize of Rs. 5000/- + [Certificate of Merit]

1st Runner Up:

Cash Prize of Rs. 2100/- + [Certificate of Merit]

2nd Runner Up:

Cash Prize of Rs. 1100/- + [Certificate of Merit]

Rules for Skit Competition.

The Competition will be conducted in two rounds- The Preliminary Round & The Final Round.

Theme:- Any “Socio-Legal issues & Healthcare"


Rules for registration

  • Those who are interested in participating must register themselves.
  • The registration fee is Rs. 350 for each team.
  • The team must consist of minimum of 3 members. The maximum number of members is 10.
  • The last date for registration is 28th March, 2022.
  • The team shall designate one of its members as the “Contact Person” in the registration form and fill the required contact details of the same in the form.
  • All updates and notifications regarding the competition will be mailed to the “Contact Person”.
  • Any alteration in the number of team members or substitution of members must be informed to us through the specified email address.

Preliminary Round

  • The registered participants must submit an original script of a skit on any Socio-legal issue.
  • The scripts must be original and plagiarism must be avoided.
  • The scripts have to be submitted to the specified google form link &  will be shared via email once registered by 11:59 pm on 28th March 2021. Late entries shall be penalized and no scripts shall be accepted after two days from the prescribed date for submission.

About the Scripts

  • The script shall be typed on A4 size page in Font type- Times New Roman,
  • Font size: 12, 1.5-linespacing & 1-inch margin on each side.
  • All the pages of the script should have page numbers at the bottom.
  • Only soft copies of scripts shall be submitted in both pdf and doc format.
  • The name of the  file must be “Script Submission- (Team Code)” and the format of file must be .docx. and pdf.
  • The script must not contain any name or identification of the name of the participants or the educational institution to which they belonged.
  • The scripts can be written in English or Hindi.

The top 10 scripts out of all the submissions will be qualified for the Final Round of the competition.


About the Final Round

  • The final round will be held in offline mode.

About Final Round Script

  • The qualified teams will be allotted a theme on which they have to prepare a script.
  • The Final round script has to be submitted latest by 11:59 pm, 29th March 2021. Late entries shall be penalized and no scripts shall be accepted after two days from the prescribed date for submission.
  • All teams must submit their final round script beforehand as specified above.
  • The final round script will be named, “Final Script- (Team Code) ”.

Contact Details

Azra Rizvi




Aditya Nandan


Mohammad Fazal


Sashreek Pandey

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